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Colocation Services & Solutions:

If your business demands that you closely manage your website or network, but you need the security and reliability of a data center environment, Host Gate colocation services are the solution. Our colocation services not only protect your hosting solution from power failure, fire and intrusion, they allow you to retain as much control as your business requires. This gives you the flexibility and time you need to focus your resources on managing the critical content of your operations.

We Provide the Optimal Hosting Environment

● Flexible options to meet your needs – We will work closely with you to customize our colocation services for your space requirements, internet connectivity, bandwidth and security needs, and any special power requirements.

● Reliability and performance guaranteed – We ensure server and network integrity by providing an uninterruptible power supply along with reliable and redundant network connections. Plus, our colocation services are backed by the most aggressive SLAs in the industry.

You Have Complete Control

● 100% control over hardware and applications – Our colocation services are designed so you don't give up any control over your infrastructure. Using our proprietary software, you can manage your hardware and applications remotely or on-site.

● 24/7 visibility for monitoring for making changes on-the-fly – Our "one view" monitoring tool ensures you know what is taking place on your site every minute of every day. And, you can make changes to your applications whenever necessary.

Learn More about Host Gate Colocation Services

Want to learn more about how Host Gate colocation services can create an optimal environment for the operation of your solution?
contact us now, We look forward to assist you.